Simon's Ultra-Marathon Fundraiser

Simon is kindly racing funds in aid of Brent Lodge for his ultra-marathon. "My name is Simon. I am competing in an ultra-marathon run called “ Race To The Stones” on 13th July 2019. The route I am running is 50km in distance and starts in the Chilterns, the run is off road and referred to as trail running, so consequently there is an awful lot of hills to run up and down." 

"I have never previously run a marathon or completed a run of any significant distance so I thought I’d go straight in at the deep end with a tougher more challenging run, my personal best running time would previously be to the pub before closing time. I have been training since November 2108 and am really dedicated and sticking to my training routine."  

"I am asking (very politely) that you, the public, please sponsor me, all money raised will go to Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital. I have chosen Brent Lodge as when I volunteered there for a short period of time  I have seen first hand how dedicated all the staff are at the centre. I have rescue chickens and cats at my home and helping Brent Lodge is a natural extension of my love of ALL animals who at times really need our help, something Brent Lodge continues to do."

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