Patient Gifts

If you are stuck for gift ideas then how about buying a gift for one of our patients at Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital in a friend or family members name. As well as solving your gift problems, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to provide care for a patient at Brent Lodge. A donation to us, no matter how small, really does make a difference and every donation counts. Your donation could go towards paying for food, vet treatment or life-saving care to all the wildlife that comes to us daily. 

Here are a few ways your gift for a patient could help them get back on their feet, any wildlife-lover would love to receive this as a gift. 

You or your recipient will receive a letter acknowledging their gift, they will also receive Brent Lodge newsletters for the next year.

You can choose to have the purchased gift either for yourself or a 'Gift Recipient'. However, we would like to send a follow-up letter directly to the 'Gift Recipient' so please make sure you include their address and name at the checkout 

Please note: The patient images featured may not necessarily be the patient receiving the treatment. In the unlikely event, we receive more donations of any one type than anticipated; any remaining funds will be put towards caring for British wildlife casualties 

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