Care unit appeal

Help us reach our £10,000 target to purchase new care units.

During rehabilitation, we house young mammals, birds and hedgehogs in individual units, which are cleaned every day and given fresh bedding, food and water. This takes longer than is necessary because many of our current old units are not space-efficient and are made out of wood which harbours harmful bacteria and does not provide a clean environment for vulnerable animals. It is important that patients are kept warm, dry, clean and secure. 

Providing patients with improved rehabilitation facilities will allow extra space for movement with the ability for staff to clean the units more efficiently, reducing cross-contamination between patients. This will dramatically increase patient welfare and their chances of survival. With the aim to release more rehabilitated patients back into their natural habitats, stabilising the local population. 

Proper animal handling and patient welfare is an essential part of good animal husbandry, it benefits the animals we care for. These new units are much more space-efficient helping with manoeuvrability to accommodate more patients allowing us to treat far more hedgehogs than we can currently treat now, reducing the need to transport these vulnerable patients to other centres, causing unnecessary stress.

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