2 Hedgehog Walkway Signs

The biggest issue that hedgehogs face is not having the space to find a mate/forage for food. It is now thought that the main reason that hedgehogs are declining is that we are making our gardens more secure with fencing and walls, reducing the amount of territory available to them. These Hoggy Walkway signs are helping to create a new path for the hedgehogs in your area so they can increase their space.

The hole beneath your Hoggy Walkway sign needs to be at least 13cm X 13cm so hedgehogs of all shapes and sizes can fit through.  However, it is still a small enough hole that other animals/domestic pets will not be able to pass through. To help you measure the correct size for the hole, the bottom of your Hoggy Walkway is 13cm long.

We have included 2 Hoggy Walkway signs, one for you and one for your neighbour. It is important that the hole is not blocked. To ensure this doesn’t happen, your neighbour needs to be happy to create a pathway for the hedgehogs. This is a great opportunity to talk to your neighbour and work together to help the hedgehogs in your area.

You will also receive a Helping Hedgehogs care booklet.

Available in Green or Black

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